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Amsterdam Photo Walks is run by professional photographer Olaf Reinen.

Originally from The Netherlands, but having grown up in New Zealand, a yearning to explore the world was always in Olaf's heart.

So, in search of adventure and a warmer climate, Olaf moved to Greece to enjoy the warm weather, the sunshine, the food, and of course the stunning scenery.
But in his heart, the Netherlands was calling, so he returned 'home'. Now he continues his passion for helping people improve their photography skills, while sharing the best of Amsterdam and beyond.

Olaf is a working professional photographer with many years of experience, who has learned his skills with weddings, portraits, animals, and scenic photography. He is also a gifted teacher, able to make photography easy to understand for everyone. So you will be learning all the tips and secrets to taking better photographs from a real professional - someone who walks the walk. He also has a wealth of experience in graphic design and photo editing. He is currently writing a book about his approach to photography - distilling his years of experience into a practical method to improve our photography skills.

Olaf loves photography. There's no denying it.  Even in his spare time he likes to venture out with a camera in hand, playing and experimenting. But that's not all. He also loves to travel and explore new countries. He has now visited somewhere around 40 countries (and counting). He has also trained in off-road (4 wheel drive) driving, completed an Anti-Skid training course, and is also a qualified Professional driver. Just for fun, he also trained in close protection (for bodyguard protection services). 
Olaf also spends way too much time thinking about human behaviour and it's effect on how we photograph.

So join Olaf on an upcoming Photo Tour. You'll learn how to take better pictures, get to see some more of this beautiful world, and maybe have some fun along the way. After all, that's what life should be about!


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Another happy customer...

Hello Olaf
The pleasure is all ours.... we are fortunate to have met a very wise and intelligent person like you... thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience... it was extremely kind of you to spend your valuable time with us... thanks for everything... we will surely stay in touch... lots of love and warm regards.
-Sanjay and Pooja from Mumbai India